Community Education


Harnett County is not immune to the Gang problems in North Carolina. However, we are taking a proactive approach to handle our gang
problem. We are committed to making Harnett County a safe place to work and live. The first step in addressing gangs in Harnett County is
educating the Citizens in the areas of:

  • Gang Identification
  • Gang Insignia
  • Gang Colors

If you have questions or concerns about gang activity in your area please contact Detective R. Beasley at 910-893-0151 or


Gang Tattos
Crips 6 Point Star
Blood Paws
People Nation 5 Point Star
Crip Star, Pitchfork & 8 Ball

Crip Star with 357

Blood Paws
Spanish Cross with Three Dots
Blood Killer


Gang Graffiti
Eight Trey Gangster
Violent Terminology toward Crip
INS- Tagger
Bloods Five Point Star with Paws
Crip Six Point Star
Black Gangster Disciples
United Blood Nation