Crime Scene Investigations

The Crime Scene Investigations division is comprised of four detectives with specialized training in the identification, collection, storage and preservation of evidence.

Crime Scene Investigators respond to scenes of crimes committed in Harnett County and process those scenes for any evidence that may lead to the identification, apprehension and prosecution of those persons responsible.

Crime Scene Investigators document the crime scene through the use of photography, measurements and sketching.

Crime Scene Investigators then process the scene for fingerprints, foot or shoe impressions, trace evidence andanything else deemed to have evidentiary valueto the case.

Crime Scene Investigators are critical to the successful prosecution of offenders.

Lt. James Lanier 910-893-0199

Det. Brad Truelove 910-893-0196

Det. David Adams 910-893- 0197

Det. Timothy Stewart 910-893-0198

Det. Levi Granger 910-893-0195