Training Division

The training division of the Harnett County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement training to Sheriff's employess in accordance with North Carolina Sheriff's Training and Standards. This division is headed by a training coordinator who either instructs or utilizes part-time instructors from divisions throughout the Office to deliver training. This position also solicits training from outside sources to ensure that all Sheriff's personnel receive the best training available.

At a mininmum, all law enforcement, detention and communication personnel from the Sheriff's Office receive 16-24 mandatory hours/credits of in-service training, including driver training, firearms, special group sensitivity and other topics as directed by training and standards. Supplemental training is provided based upon the deputies duty assignment within the office. Positions in investigations, narcotics, SRT and crime prevention require additional training.

The mandated hours/credits for the Harnett County Sheriff's Office is 5,320. On average the training division delivers in excess of 8000 employee-hours of required and elective in-service training. This division maintains documentation for provided training and is responsible for ensuring that all certification requirements are met.