Evidence Custodian

The Property and Evidence Division of the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office is designed for the safekeeping of all evidence, confiscated property and found property, turned in by members of the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office. The members of this division are responsible for receiving and storing all properly seized evidence and property. Once received, each item is entered into the property/evidence system and is then assigned a storage location. Evidence personnel are responsible for maintaining a master file of all property and evidence to include the original “Evidence and/or Property Receipt” completed by the officer turning in the item. Files are maintained and all changes in custody are documented in this system. When evidence or other property is no longer needed for evidentiary purposes, the disposal process is started by obtaining a court order signed by a judge.  That evidence, found property or confiscated property will then be either returned to its rightful owner, destroyed, retained or disposed of, as outlined in the court order.

To claim found property, an individual must first establish proof of ownership.

Hours of Operation:


Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Call (910) 893-0190 or (910) 893-0191 to set up an appointment.

Contact Us:

Evidence Custodian- Catherine Taylor - (910) 893-0190 cstaylor@harnett.org

Evidence Technician- Astri Byrd - (910) 893-0191 abyrd@harnett.org


I surrendered my firearm on a DVPO, the DVPO is no longer valid, how do I get my firearm returned?

  1. You will need to complete an AOC-CV-319 (Motion For Return Of Weapons Surrendered Under Domestic Violence Protection Order And Notice Of Hearing) form, which can be found here: https://www.nccourts.gov/assets/documents/forms/cv319-en.pdf?kkbedUpdAJQ80osPKbn33yrMVFDbH3uK
  2. Complete all questions on pages 1-3 (Do not sign until you are in the presence of a notary or clerk). Read all information on page 4, if any federal firearms restrictions apply you will not be able to possess a firearm.
  3. Carry completed form to the clerk of court and the clerk will set a date and time for your hearing.
  4. After your hearing date, bring a certified copy of the court order signed by the judge, along with a photo ID to the Sheriff’s Office and your weapon will be returned to you.

My firearm is currently in evidence associated with a criminal case, how do I get my firearm returned?

Once the criminal case your firearm is associated with is disposed of, you will need to obtain a court order to have the weapon returned to you.  This can be done by completing an AOC-CR-218 form and taking it to the Harnett County District Attorney’s Office.  Once the court order is signed by a judge, bring a certified copy of it, along with a photo ID to the Sheriff’s Office and your weapon will be returned to you. The form is found here: https://www.nccourts.gov/documents/forms/petition-and-order-disposing-of-firearm-upon-prosecutors-petition-petition-and-order-disposing-of-deadly-weapon-upon-conviction

Is property being used as evidence ever returned to the owner?

All property placed into evidence at the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office must be released by a deputy, detective, prosecutor or judge before we can return it to the owner.  A court order signed by a judge will be required in most cases. 

Do I need identification to pick up an item from property/evidence?

Yes, a photo ID is required.

When can I pick up my property?

YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Do I need an appointment?

YES, An appointment can be made by calling (910) 893-0190.

Where can I pick up my property?

Check in at the front desk in the main lobby of the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office, located at 175 Bain Street. You will then be directed to the proper location.

Is there a fee for getting my vehicle out of the impound lot?

In most cases there is a fee associated with vehicles in the impound lot.  This amount varies based upon how much the tow bill is for a vehicle.  This fee must be paid before a vehicle can be released to the owner.  The Harnett County Sheriff’s Office does not charge a storage fee for vehicles.  If you have questions about the amount of a tow bill, please call (910) 893-0190.

Do you have other questions?

Contact Property and Evidence at (910) 893-0190 or (910) 893-0191