Harnett County Detention Center

The 106,562 square foot Harnett County Detention Center is located on Bain Street in Lillington and includes 324 beds for inmates as well as the Harnett County Sheriff's Office and Harnett County Magistrate's Office. The Detention Lobby is for visitors who would like to speak with a Magistrate and is equipped with video stations for visitation with inmates. Offenders enter the facility via a secured vehicular sally port, then into a secure Pre-booking area which has access to Magistrates.

The Detention wing consist of seven housing pods: three direct supervision medium security pods for male inmates; one direct supervision minimum security pod for males; two indirect supervision maximum security pods for male inmates; one indirect supervision minimum and maximum security pod for female inmates; and booking/intake, kitchen, medical and laundry areas. All housing pods have video visitation booths, multi-purpose rooms and outdoor exercise areas. The design of the pods utilizes rear mechanical chases so that maintenance personnel do not enter the housing pods, and natural light comes into day rooms from window walls that are in unobstructed view of control areas.

A master control center functions as the nerve center of the facility, controlling inmate movement throughout the entire complex. Radio, fire, medical and security alarms from Detention areas are monitored from this master control area which is staffed twenty-four hours a day.

Contact the Harnett County Detention Center at 910-893-0257