Criminal Investigations

The Investigations Division currently has 18 Detectives responsible for conducting follow-up investigations and initiating investigations involving several specific types of cases. During the process of investigations the investigator will interview witnesses, victims, and suspects. The investigator may respond to scenes to determine exact nature of law violations; search for evidence, interview victims and suspects on scene, and prepare detailed reports of findings. Investigators prepare detailed reports for the District Attorney's Office to effectively prosecute the case in court. Investigators work closely with other agencies to effectively solve crime, share information and intelligence and assist in the apprehension of wanted persons.
The Criminal Investigations Division is divided into teams that cover all types of crime to include the following:
  • Major Crimes Investigators are assigned to investigate Homicide, Death Investigation, Robbery, Felony Assaults and Kidnappings.
  • Persons Crimes Investigators are assigned to investigate Rape, Sexual Assaults, Child Sexual Abuse, Missing Persons, Runaway Juveniles, Felony Domestic Violence.
  • Property Crimes Investigators are assigned to investigate Burglary, Larceny, and Auto Theft.
  • Financial Crime Investigators are assigned to investsigate Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud and Felony Fraud Violations.
  • Arson Investigators are assigned to investigate arsons and any suspicious fires.

Contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 910-893-0140 or feel free to contact us at the below numbers.

Brittany Ellis (Admin/Analyst) 910-893-0140

Captain Joseph Webb 910-893-0141

Lieutenant Rodney Jackson 910-893-0147

Sergeant Robert Burlock 910-893-0144

Sergeant Spencer Elmore 910-893-0154

Detective David Dowdy 910-893-0153

Detective Jacob Gardner 910-893-0149

Detective Austin Coleman 910-893-0145

Detective Jayne Holland 910-893-0146 

Detective R.J. Beasley 910-893-0151

Detective Brad Byrd 910-893-0150

Detective Matthew Ellard 910-893-0148 

Detective  910-893-0159


Detective 910-893-0157


Detective Tracie Champlin 910-893-0178 

Detective Michael Klingman 910-893-0142

Detective Joshua Teasley 910-893-0155

Detective Marty Ivey 910-893-0218

Detective  910-893-0177


Detective Michael Weaver 910-893-0268