K-9 Unit

The Harnett County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit currently consists of five teams. These teams are certified by the IPWDA - International Police Working Dog Association after completing 14 weeks of training consisting of 560 hours of education by certified instructors. The teams must then attend 16 hours of in-service training each month which is supplemented by regular training exercises. These teams are trained in the following areas:


  • Track and find wanted criminals or missing persons in urban, rural or wooded areas.
  • Search all types of buildings for criminals in hiding.
  • Search for evidence or property connected with a crime.
  • Search for illegal drugs.
  • Chase and apprehend criminals escaping arrest who may be armed and dangerous.
  • Act as a deterrent and back up in dangerous situations such as fights, riots and disturbances
  • Provide high profile foot patrols of places such as schools, shopping complexes and parks.

K-9 Deputies:

  • Sergeant M. McCoy
  • Sergeant C. Collins
  • Deputy K. Letarte
  • Deputy K. Williamson
  • Deputy R. Mangum